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Motorola Symbol Products


SABR sells Motorola Symbol Products, including Barcode Scanners and Handheld Computers. Talk to us about selecting the right Symbol Device for you to carry out your day to day business. Let us help you make the most economical choices to fit your needs.


Motorola Symbol Cordless Scanners

Motorola Symbol Cordless Scanners

Collect data with this comfortable, cordless, ergonomic device, which transmits barcode data in real time, even while roaming in the store or stockroom.

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Motorola Symbol Retail Scanners

Motorola Symbol General Purpose and Retail Scanners

Whether you need to increase throughput at the checkout counter, track and control medications at the pharmacy or hospital, manage inventory or process identification documents, Symbol offers the right barcode scanner for your application and environment. Designed to maximize the comfort of the user, our handheld and hands-free barcode scanners will help you increase productivity and ensure accurate data capture at the point of activity.

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Motorola Symbol Industrial Scanners

Motorola Symbol Industrial Scanners

Your warehouses, manufacturing facilities, supply yard and delivery routes need barcode scanners built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. Symbol's line of rugged barcode scanners are sealed to some of the highest standards in the industry and subjected to numerous tumble and drop tests to provide years of trouble-free barcode scanning. You get the reliability and performance you expect from any Symbol barcode scanner plus special features allowing use in a wide variety of working conditions to fit your enterprise's needs.

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Motorola Symbol Mobile Computers

Motorola Symbol Mobile Computers

Capture and exchange data according to your specific business demands with the versatility of Symbol's mobile computing products. From rugged industrial class devices able to stand up to tough conditions to enterprise digital assistants used by managers to shopping systems used by consumers, Symbol mobile computers increase individual productivity and give you ongoing, real-time insights into your operations. Symbol's reputation for quality, reliability and choice has made Symbol mobile computers the foundation for enterprise mobility for businesses worldwide.

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