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MFG/PRO® Add-on Products


SABR sell and support the following add-on products for MFG/PRO® (we support MFG/PRO versions 7.4 and above)

Software Solutions for users of QAD's MFG/PRO.

Motorola Symbol Cordless Scanners

Data Collection

SABR has various options available for MFG/PRO and QAD200x

Motorola Symbol Industrial Scanners


Is a family of interface products designed to handle all of your interfacing needs between disparate systems and data and MFG/PRO®.  All of the interface product range are non-invasive to MFG/PRO® and will run on versions from 7.4x to the current version of MFG/PRO®. SIGConnects provides a complete solution for integration including look-forward editing, error suspension, correction and resubmission and background processing.

SIGConnects / Interface

Is a fully supported, proven, lower cost alternative to writing, testing and tuning a custom MFG/PRO interface. It can be used as the backbone for very specific integration requirements. Based on intervals and other setting defined in the control file SIGConnects / Interface monitors and processes files from the legacy or 3rd party application. Following the data grooming process SIGConnects / Interface uses the standard MFG/PRO application to update the database as if the data had been keyed. Extensive pre and post processing is available.

SIGConnects / Commerce

Provides an elegant solution for very complex input and output including XML structures and multiple record types such as data including header, multiple detail lines and trailers. There are over 85 predefined pre-mapped transaction sets.

SIGConnects / Export

SIGConnects / Export will allow you to extract data from MFG/PRO  in the same easy to use mapping format as SIGConnects uses today. This product is a commercial product and is only available to customers who have already purchased one of the SIGConnects products.

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Motorola Symbol Mobile Computers


Manage your business more effectively through e-mail exception notifications triggered by activities occurring in MFG/PRO.

Management by exception is a well established concept to allow managers to focus their attention on specific situations that are outside established guidelines. SIGAlerts provides the tool to make this concept a reality for MFG/PRO users.

Don't wait days or weeks to find out when things happen, be proactive and use SIGAlerts to define Activity or Time based events and trap them as they occur in MFG/PRO.

Once you have established your events, define who needs to be notified.

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