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Honeywell / LXE Products

LXE Tecton

SABR sells Honeywell / LXE Rugged Handheld Computers, Vehicle Mount Computers and Barcode Scanners. Talk to us about selecting the right Honeywell / LXE Rugged Computer, or Barcode Scanner for you to carry out your day to day business. Let us help you make the most economical choices to fit your needs. Honeywell / LXE handhelds and vehicle mount computers are designed for rugged environments and are used where long term service and performance are required.


LXE Cold Storage

Honeywell / LXE Cold Environment Computers

Honeywell / LXE knows that Cold Storage Facilities and Low Temperature Environments create unique challenges for data collection equipment and wireless networks. Moving in and out of the cold all day creates condensation, causing computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up, and internal parts to corrode. You need a device that's built to combat these problems and survive in these extreme environments.
Honeywell / LXE offers several solutions including heated screens, thermostat controlled heaters, coated internal components, specialized batteries and more.

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LXE Handsfree Computers

Honeywell / LXE Hands Free Computers

With Honeywell / LXE's hands-free/wearable computers, operators gain unsurpassed freedom of movement to perform barcode reading tasks quickly, safely and comfortably. Honeywell / LXE's hands-free and wearable computers are certified by most industry-leading voice software applications.

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LXE Handheld Computers

Honeywell / LXE Handheld Computers

Honeywell / LXE rugged handheld computers are all designed to enhance worker productivity by offering long life and ease of use under even the most extreme conditions. From ports to paper mills, from the warehouse floor to the factory floor, our rugged portable handheld computers thrive in the toughest industrial conditions.
Honeywell / LXE devices are designed to survive in the workplace, allowing reliable data entry to occur on the factory floor, or from a customers door.

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LXE Mobile Computers

Honeywell / LXE Mobile Computers

Honeywell / LXE's range of Mobile Computers, featuring the Honeywell / LXE Marathon. These ruggled mobile field computers are built tough, suitable for indoor and outdoor field applications.

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LXE Scanners

Honeywell / LXE Scanners

Honeywell / LXE offers a variety of solutions for any Barcode Scanning application, indoors or out. From traditional Tethered Barcode Scanners to the latest in Bluetooth Ring Scanner solutions, Honeywell / LXE Rugged Barcode Scanners bring high performance data capture to harsh industrial environments. Designed with ruggedness in mind all products offer dependable performance and are easy to use. Honeywell / LXE's family of scanners and imagers quickly and accurately capture 1D and 2D bar codes, images and direct part marks. Each series of scanners is designed to meet your application needs.

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LXE Spire Antenna

Honeywell / LXE Spire Antenna

Honeywell / LXE Industrial Spire Antenna are specifically designed to deal with extreme conditions and are used where long term service and performance are required. Based on technology originally designed for space applications, this omnidirectional antenna increases coverage, performance, and reliability of 2.4GHz wireless LANs. The patented design provides improved horizontal and vertical coverage patterns resulting in a larger footprint, improved throughput, and superior performance in multipath environments.

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Cisco Access Points from the Aironet Range

Cisco Wireless Access Points

Cisco is the market leader in Wireless Network Infrastructure.

Using Cisco equipment is the right choice to make for your Wireless infrastructure.

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