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Loftware™ Support

SABR is proud to Distribute Loftware in the Asia Pacific region. We offer support for those customers who have purchased Loftware either directly from ourselves or through one of our authorised resellers.

Please note, If you purchased a Loftware Product directly from Loftware, then please contact Loftware Technical Support directly.
 >> Loftware Technical Support

If you suspect that your problem is hardware related, try to determine if it is a problem with your PC, Network, or Printer and contact the appropriate company.

Loftware Maintenance Support Contract

An annual Maintenance Support Contract keeps your Loftware Products current and up to date, providing protection against costly downtime.

Customers who need information on how to purchase or renew a Loftware support contract with SABR, can contact our Loftware Contracts Team at
Please ensure you provide your current Loftware serial number and version information in your email.

Loftware Support INformation

Often, taking a few moments to review the Loftware Knowledgebase and/or Loftware User guides gives Loftware Customers quick results.

Please take the following steps to resolve your problem.

Loftware Knowledgebase

Have you searched for a Loftware Knowledgebase Article related to your problem?
Hundreds of frequently asked questions and typical problems are documented in the Loftware Knowledgebase in easy to read articles.
The Loftware Knowledgebase can be found here:
 >> Loftware Knowledgebase

Loftware User Guides

Have you tried to troubleshoot the problem by using one of Loftware's Online User Guides?
The Loftware User Guides can be found here:
 >> Loftware User Guides

Contact SABR Loftware Support Team

If the above steps do not resolve your issue, customers can email our Loftware Support Team.

Please note: You will need to be on a Loftware Maintenance Support Contract wtih SABR Directly.

When contacting support, customers will need to provide the following information in their email to allow us to diagnose your problems:

  1. The serial number of the product (found in help/about on the design32)
  2. The version number of the product (found in help/about on the design32)
  3. The operating system of the PC/Server running the product (found in help/about windows explorer)
  4. NT Event Log (if appropriate for your issue)
  5. loftware.log (from the system32 directory)
  6. llmwdn32.ini (found in the winnt directory)
  7. printr32.ini (found in the loftware labelling directory)
  8. llmwbp32.ini (found in the winnt directory)
  9. llmthred.ini (found in the winnt directory)
  10. llmwclnt.ini (found in the winnt directory - file is not always present, depends on setup)
  11. A screen shot of the houskeeping tab (called from the LPS configuration manager)
  12. If you are having issues with a particular label, then a copy of that particular label design ( <label name>.lwl )

Please also provide a description in your email of the actual problem you are encountering, the person within your organisation to contact regarding the issue and their telephone details.
Once the support team have this information, they can work with you to resolve your issues.

Customers can email the SABR Loftware Support Team at and then attach the additional files listed above as required.

Thank you for being a valued Loftware Customer.

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