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Loftware Universal Connector®

SABR sells and distributes Loftware Universal Connector, for Barcode Label printing and RFID encoding integration with various existing systems.

The Loftware Universal Connector establishes a high-speed 'connectivity bridge' between between existing ERP, CRM, or other systems of record and the Loftware Print ServerĀ®. The combination of Loftware Universal Connector and Loftware Print Server enables applications to generate labels across large networks of printers and empowers companies to comply with current and future barcode label and RFID specifications.

Loftware Universal Connector

In combination with the Loftware Print Server the Universal Connector provides enterprise level, intelligent integration between business-critical applications (both homegrown and legacy) and the Loftware Print Server. The Universal Connector provides you with the ability to:

  • Centralize control of disparate label printing systems
  • Enable intelligent File Drop Capabilities
  • Minimize the costs of system upgrades
  • Improve label production throughput

In combination with the Loftware Print Server, the Universal Connector enables you to address customer-specific requirements in labeling printing without having to deploy high-value programmers to make changes in coding. By using integrated business logic embedded in the Universal Connector and leveraging Loftware's configuration-based user interface, you can drive changes in label printing from your enterprise system and an application with which you're already familiar. The Universal Connector includes File Drop capabilities realized through sophisticated business logic applied within the Universal Connector that enable it to change label templates, look up external data and make customer specific changes to your existing processes without requiring additional coding - adding both flexibility to label printing and intelligence to the file drop process.

Key features of the Universal Connector include:

  • File Drop Users
     Supports File Drop initiated label printing from any application that can gener ate XML, PAS, CSV or XLST files as well as XSL transformation of XML.
     (Note: Requires Java Runtime Environment for File Drop)
  • Centralization
     Drives labeling directly from your enterprise system, whether it's an ERP, Warehouse Management or custom/ homegrown system
  • Business Logic Filters
     Label print requests from one application can be enhanced using Business Filters to obtain label content data from multiple applications
  • No programming required
     Deploys customer-specific labeling projects without having to make any changes in coding, in infrastructure or in the application on which you already run your business
  • Flexible Integration
     Links to all current and future applications that may either be developed or acquired to the label printing infrastructure
  • One Connector, Many Printers
     A single Loftware Universal Connector can support multiple Loftware Print Servers for load dividing and clustering to deliver optimum label production throughput
Loftware Universal Connector

Manuals and Data Sheets

  Loftware Universal Connector Datasheet
 >> Loftware Universal Connector User Guide

Note: The Loftware Universal Connector was previously known as the Loftware Connector for Java.






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