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Loftware Connector® for SAP® Applications

SABR sells and distributes Loftware Connector for SAP Applications, for Barcode Label printing and RFID encoding integration to SAP Applications.

The Loftware Connector for SAP establishes a high-speed 'connectivity bridge' between between SAP Applications and the Loftware Print ServerĀ®. The combination of Loftware Connector for SAP and Loftware Print Server enables SAP Applications to generate labels across large networks of printers and empowers companies to comply with current and future barcode label and RFID specifications.

Loftware Connector for SAP Applications

The Loftware Connector for SAP enables Business and Information Technology Managers to:

  • Centralize control of the SAP label printing function
  • Easily integrate SAP Applications with the label printer infrastructure
  • Improve label production throughput with no coding changes to the label originating SAP Applications
  • Ensure fast and reliable label production utilizing Loftware capabilities to support load dividing, automatic failover, and automatic notification of label printing status
  • Offload the resource intensive task of creating and printing labels from business-critical SAP Applications to deliver better system performance
  • Eliminate maintenance programming requirements by using menu-driven configuration tools
  • Minimize ABAP coding needed to modify labels that change with regulatory compliance

The Loftware Connector for SAP Applications is the 'no coding required' labeling solution. It seamlessly integrates with the spooling system in your SAP instance. The SAP instance issues a label request and inserts it into the standard SAP spooler queue. The Loftware Connector, working with a Loftware Print Server (or multiple Loftware Print Servers) delivers the right label to the right printer at the right time.

The Loftware Connector for SAP Applications also includes Filters that address all of the special business logic associated with corporate marking systems without having to change SAP through additional programming or customization. The basic function of a Filter, is to find and add missing data to a request coming from a Label Print Request transaction. This feature enables businesses to:

  • Get up and running in a shorter time frame
  • Concentrate label output management and Business Logic in one place
  • Remain flexible and readily adapt to changing business requirements
  • Maintain Business Logic through a highly configurable interface, eliminating programming tasks

From a single SAP Label Print Request, the Loftware Connector for SAP Applications enables you to print multiple label formats, use multiple printer types, and automatically determine which label or labels to print and where to print them.

Loftware Connector for SAP

The Loftware Connector for SAP Applications supports SAP label printing via:

  • External Output Management System (BC/XOM XMI) Call
  • RFC Listening (Call Function, Destination)
  • IDoc via ALE


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Manuals and Data Sheets

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