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Datalogic Mobile Computers and Scanners

SABR sells a Complete Range of Datalogic Products, including Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers. Talk to us about selecting the right Datalogic Device for you to carry out your day to day business. Let us help you make the most economical choices to fit your needs.

Datalogic Cordless Scanners

Datalogic Cordless Barcode Scanners

The Datalogic range of Value and Premium line Cordless Barcode Scanners, enabling real time, cordless transmission of barcode information.Models available include Bluetooth® short range devices, through to long range models utilizing the Datalogic STAR Cordless System™

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Datalogic Counter Scanner

Datalogic Counter Barcode Scanners

The Datalogic range of In-Counter and On-Counter Barcode scanners. Idealy suited to Point of Sale (POS) environments. Various models available to suit all volumes of Retail Traffic - from Entry level On-Counter models, through to High Volume, High Performance, In-Counter Solutions.

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Datalogic Handheld Scanners

Datalogic Handheld Barcode Scanners

The Datalogic range of Value and Premium line Handheld Barcode Scanners, suitable for a range of environments. From low volume, entry level 1D scanners, through to high performance 2D imagers. Datalogic have a handheld scanner to suit your business requirements.

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Datalogic Industrial Scanners

Datalogic Industrial handheld barcode scanners

For tougher environments, Datalogic have a range or corded and cordless industrial barcode scanners and imagers. Built tough, these scanners are suitable for a range of Industrial applications, including warehousing and manufacturing. Models include Entry level 1D scanners, through to High Performance 2D Imagers.

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Datalogic Mobile Computers

Datalogic Mobile Computers

Datalogic have a range of Mobile Handheld Computers suitable for a range of Applications. From Entry level models, suitable for Retail and light warehouse applications, through to tough, High Performance models suited to High Volume Industrial and Warehousing Applications.

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