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Data Collection

SABR specialises in Data Collection Solutions, we cater for all your Data Collection needs:

Bar Code (or RFID) data capture offers many strategic advantages. Capturing data and controlling it at it's source enables better decision making and supports improved productivity and profitability.

The need to successfully implement any manufacturing system is obvious to any company. Success hinges on control, and control is only achieved when information is captured at every point. Many companies fail to appreciate what this means in terms of effort. This is especially true when users are required to achieve this level of input from standard computer keyboards and systems.

Inventory counts are not only time-consuming, they are unreliable and expensive. Mistakes are made when counting quantities, and then more mistakes are made when keying in the information.

In many industries these days there are regulatory requirements for product traceability. Tracking is often only achieved when product has it's own "license plate". Even where there is no statutory requirement it is prudent to have the facility to track product in the advent of a requirement to perform a product recall.

Bar Code data capture can dramatically change the very nature of many environments. This can be improved further with portable computers and RF communications. Companies can better see the flow of information and product through their plants and warehouses.

Our solutions aren't about putting ERP screens on RF devices, they are about cutting out the need for people to manipulate information. The screens and software is designed around getting it right.

How would you like to be able to say "We used to use pen and paper for our stock check and it would take 20 people two whole days. With barcodes and scanners, it now takes five people a couple of hours." It's not just wishful thinking, this is proven technology which people are already running with. Note that it is not just speed, but accuracy as well.

Don't watch this technology pass you by, in these competitive days efficiency is everything.

No matter what the size of your organisation's shopfloor, warehouse or distribution centre, you will benefit from inventory accuracy, on-line validation and real-time data entry.

As the cost of Data Collection equipment falls and labour costs increase, it is not a matter of if to proceed with Data Collection, but when.

Think of the cost/benefits of Data Collection in terms of:

  • Reduced Administration Costs
  • Low Error Rates
  • Improved Transportation Costs
  • Lower Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Labour Productivity

Justify the system first and be sure that this is the path for you. If you don't fully understand where this will all take you then you may take the wrong path. A few hours with us and you will feel enthusiastic about your implementation and what it will bring.

This isn't all easy though, we expect our customers to be organised. Like any other tool, Data Collection based on wireless technology is only as effective as the people using it.

We aren't just a software company, we help in choosing the right hardware for our customers. We examine the tasks people perform and help in choosing what will work best in each situation. A solution isn't providing just part of a requirement.


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