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Printer Labels

Direct Thermal Rolls


Direct thermal technology does not require a ribbon. Instead, a chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface. Ideal for indoor applications where temperatures will not exceed high levels.

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Direct Thermal Rolls

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer technology utilizes a ribbon to transfer an image onto the label material.

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Misc Items

Miscellaneous Items and Labels

Labels to suit Laser Printers, Demandjet Printers (LX400, LX800, LX810, LX900), Tags and Receipt Rolls.

PDF SABR Miscellaneous Items and Labels Catalogue


SABR can also arrange Custom Size Labels upon request - Contact Us with your requirements!

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76mm Roll Holder

76mm Label Roll Holder

The External Roll holder allows 76mm cored Label Rolls to be used with desktop printers. The labels are fed through the back of the printer using the fanfold feed slot.

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